Dr. Mary Oppenheim currently lives in Dublin, Ireland and works as a medical writer. She graduated from University College Cork Medical School, Ireland, in 2009. She spent a lot of the next decade living in New Zealand and training in neurology and general medicine. In 2019 she moved back to Ireland with her kiwi husband and baby son.


Dr. Oppenheim writes,

"I am so proud to be part of the Global Medical Education Collaborative. Delivering tutorials to students around the world has been an absolute joy. I would strongly encourage any doctors with an interest in teaching to get involved. The students are motivated and engaged - making teaching so rewarding. I have to admit, initially, I was worried about how I'd manage to give tutorials online, but the support of the GMEC team made it so easy. I'm really looking forward to teaching more with the GMEC and connecting with medical students from around the globe."

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Sarah Onorato is a fourth year medical student at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA. She plans to train in internal medicine, and her career interests include inpatient medicine, clinical reasoning, and medical education.  She is grateful for the opportunity to teach other students through GMEC, which has allowed her to practice her own skills as an educator while connecting with students from around the globe!

Dr. Latinwo writes,

"I'm an Anaesthetics trainee based in London, UK. I recently completed an Acute Medicine Programme with GMEC delivering 10 sessions on a variety of topics to students around the world. Whilst GMEC provides doctors the opportunity to teach, it has also provided a great learning experience for me to gain an insight into the vast differences in healthcare across the world. The support from GMEC in organising the lessons and providing the tools to deliver sessions was excellent. Overall, the experience has been so rewarding and anyone who enjoys teaching will undoubtedly find teaching with GMEC a worthwhile experience!"

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Tamsin is an Urgent Care trainee in Rotorua, New Zealand.  She graduated in 2012 and has completed various diplomas making her training very broad.  She is passionate about global health and manages Medic to Medic, a UK, US and NZ registered charity supporting disadvantaged students training as health workers through their education in Africa.

She is really excited to be involved with GMEC and having personal interaction with the students. She says "teaching pushes me to think more about the reasons behind our current medical practice. I always learn something when I do a tutorial by students asking me questions and think it is an important component of becoming a better clinician."

Thank you for your contributions to GMEC, Dr. Lillie!

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Dr. Juan Tan is a 2nd year internal medicine trainee currently based at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. His interests are in Haematology and medical education. He attended medical school at the University of Cambridge and completed his foundation training in Edinburgh, Scotland. He hopes to continue pursuing a career as a haematologist and a medical educator.


He has really enjoyed teaching my students and seeing them engage with the GMEC sessions. He has been particularly impressed by their dedication to learning and they in turn have challenged him to develop my own teaching skills further and to provide interesting and engaging virtual tutorials.


Dr. Tan looks forward to many more sessions with the GMEC students in the future!



Dr. Jennifer Leavitt is a fourth year resident in psychiatry currently training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard affiliated hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She studied biology at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester Massachusetts before completing medical school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Her clinical interests include emergency psychiatry, psychosomatic psychiatry, and women's mental health. 


Dr. Leavitt is also interested in medical education and has enjoyed teaching in different academic settings over the past 10 years. Prior to beginning her medical training, she taught biology, chemistry, and physics in a public high school. During medical school, she designed and taught a college level neuroscience course. Through her residency training, she has enjoyed teaching and collaborating with Harvard medical students. Her longstanding interest in education drew her to GMEC; she has lead interactive, case-based tutorials on mental status examination, mood disorders, schizophrenia spectrum disorders, and delirium. 


Dr. Leavitt says she has enjoyed watching how students engage with the material she presents. She notes that her students consistently ask thought provoking, insightful questions, which challenge her to look at mental health and pathology in new ways. She is looking forward to the interesting and thoughtful discussions to come in her future tutorials!

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Dr. Sarah Evans is a trainee in Internal Medicine working in Oxford in the United Kingdom. She has an interest in Acute Medicine and Global Health and has previously undertaken research in the field of Resuscitation and Outcomes post Cardiac Arrest. Having completed an Academic Foundation Programme in Birmingham, UK, she has worked in West Africa and Madagascar before returning to the UK to continue her medical training. 


Dr. Evans has focused her sessions on medical emergencies and has appreciated the opportunity to teach with GMEC. She notes that, "I've found the students' enthusiasm and commitment to study really inspirational. It has been great to see them applying concepts to clinical cases and scenarios and I have really enjoyed being able to consider common issues from a cross- cultural perspective."  

Congratulations, Dr. Evans! Thank you for your dedication to GMEC students!

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Dr. George Gillett is a psychiatry registrar in the United Kingdom. He has completed a clinical academic foundation post at the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry and is due to start an Academic Clinical Fellowship at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London in August 2020. His research interest is focused on the use of digital technologies in the assessment and management of psychiatric disorders, and he is especially interested in global mental health.


Dr. Gillett's GMEC sessions have focused on key topics in psychiatry, starting with a general introduction to psychiatry and the mental state examination. Specific topics he has covered include psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and eating disorders.


Dr. Gillett notes that, "It’s been really rewarding to see the students develop their understanding and knowledge across these sessions. I’ve been impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment to learn about psychiatric disorders, especially those students who had not yet received training on psychiatry prior to these sessions. I’ve enjoyed exploring our different perspectives on psychiatry, given the different sociocultural contexts we all work and live in."


He hopes to continue working with GMEC and to deliver more sessions related to psychiatry, including topics students have specifically requested sessions on, such as old age psychiatry.

Congratulations, Dr. Gillett! Thank you for your dedication to GMEC students!

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Dr. Thomas Mawson an internal medicine resident in the United States, currently practicing at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Prior to residency, he graduated from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. He has a strong clinical interest in cardiology, and is also passionate about cardiovascular disease research. From 2015 to 2017 he completed a research fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Peter Libby at Brigham and Women's Hospital, studying endothelial cell biology in the context of acute coronary syndromes. He hopes to ultimately pursue a career as a cardiologist and physician-scientist, and he is currently applying for cardiology fellowship.


Dr. Mawson's GMEC sessions have focused on cardiovascular disease and EKG interpretation. He notes that, "It has been extremely rewarding to see students' enthusiasm and dedication to learning, and observe how their confidence has grown in EKG interpretation over the course of several sessions. It has also prompted me to learn more about some of the differences around the world in the epidemiology and management of cardiovascular disease."


Dr. Mawson looks forward to expanding his GMEC sessions into other topics, and to learning more from learners about the similarities and differences in medical practice in GMEC's different locations.

Congratulations, Dr. Mawson! Thank you for your dedication to this work.